Beauty 4 Princess


Eyeliner top 590 S$
Eyeliner bottom 300 S$
Eyeliner top and bottom 700 S$
(Heavy liner is additional 150 S$)
Eyebrows/hair strokes for a natural look 700 S$

Lip color:
Full Lips 1000 S$
Lip liner 600 S$
Touch up: All permanent makeup procedures are including 1 touch up after 6 weeks.
Color boost within 2 years is 300 S$, after 2 years it is 30% Off from org price.

Microdermabrasion ( Diamond Peel Skin Resurfacing) including a face mask 150 S$

Micro Needling 250 S$ with derma pen

Full makeover incl tattoo, facial treatments, products, fyllers 2300-2500 S$